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The Low Vision Shop

The Low Vision Shop has been serving the blind and visually impaired community for many years.

We are a one-stop shop for all assistive devices for low vision and blindness.  We are proud to be the go-to source for best-in-class low vision and blind assistive devices online, in our physical stores in the Baltimore area, South Florida and New York, and with multiple B2B channels. 

We are excited to partner with WeWALK, the makers of the Smart Cane, in their fundraising campaign.  The campaign's goal is to provide you with a WeWALK Smart Cane at no cost to you.

There are 253 million visually impaired people in our world today, and we want every individual to experience the ultimate mobility. Technology enables us to develop and enhance the white cane introduced 100 years ago. 

Advancements in technology made it possible to give the visually impaired community more independence, safety, and freedom. 

WeWALK Smart Cane detects above-ground obstacles
with ultrasound while still retaining the standard white cane's ground feedback. 

It also allows for hands-free smartphone control, straight from the cane. From finding a favorite restaurant, to making sure you get back home on the right bus, WeWALK has you covered. Its features are built by visually impaired people and driven by their own lived experiences.

Thus, WeWALK and The Low Vision Shop opened a fundraising campaign where every dollar donated goes directly to the purchase of the WeWALK Smart Cane for you.  Together, we can truly empower the independence of countless people living with visual impairments. 

So come and join our team, and we walk together! 

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